Resources for Physics Students
Active Physics
Due Fri 10/9: PSAT Prep Questions #20-28 and #38-47
AP Physics 2
Due Fri 10/9: Set 10A
Due Mon 10/12: Set 10B
Due Tue 10/13: Set 10C
Due Thu 10/15: Drag Force Lab
Friday 10/16: Quiz on Momentum and Energy
AP Physics C
Due Fri 10/9: Set 5B
(Set up to solve, and finish the problem if you can.)
> Articles
What is the role of physics in the activities that fill our lives?
Essential theories of pedagogy.
Ever wonder why it's so hard to read a science book? Here's why, and here's how to master this important skill.
Provocative advice for college-shoppers. by Leroy S. Rouner
> Help
Things I say to make your lives easier, all on one page.
Some students have trouble writing inquiries. Here is a template that may help.
Learn some tips for success in class and see how many recommended learning strategies you regularly use.
Issues of grammar and usage do emerge as physics is explained. Here is an inventory.
A reference to this cornerstone of classical physics.
> Flash
A probability Flash simulation to accompany Active Physics Predictions chapter 1.
A Flash-based sound spectrum analyzer that plays MP3 files, and identifies the fundamental frequency and overtones in a musical note.