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This is the place for information and links related to getting ready for AP Physics!
Issues of grammar and usage do emerge as physics is explained. Here is an inventory.
A list of the standards met by physics course lesson plans, and other lesson resources.
A reference to this cornerstone of classical physics.
Reading and book problems for the AP Physics B course.
Chapters, book problems and labs for honors physics.
Things I say to make your lives easier, all on one page.
Learn some tips for success in class and see how many recommended learning strategies you regularly use.
What is the role of physics in the activities that fill our lives?
Essential theories of pedagogy.
Provocative advice for college-shoppers. by Leroy S. Rouner
Quia quizzes (redeemable for points) and additional resources are available on this page.
A web-based full-function scientific calculator.
Great JAVA lab simulations from the University of Colorado. Projectiles, electric circuits, waves, and more.
Lessons by MIT professors on entry-level physics, captured on video.
Sample questions from the official website.
For use with Active Physics Predictions Chapter 1, Activity 7.
A sound spectrum analyzer that plays MP3 files, and identifies the fundamental frequency and overtones in a musical note.