Matter Waves, and the Quantization of Energy
UNIT: AP2 Modern Physics
DURATION: 1 period(s)
OBJECTIVES: The student will be able to
* Describe the wave nature of matter qualitatively and quantitatively, most especially as reflected in the energy levels of electrons in orbit around the nucleus
* Board presentation with notes and examples
* Multiple representations (graphical and algebraic)
* One-on-one teacher / student instruction during practice session
* Peer teaching / collaboration during practice session
* Class discussion with inquiry method
* Use of video clip(s)
* Monitor proficiency during practice session
* Call on students at random or with emphasis on students who may need assistance
* Assign pre-class problem(s) on next day after practice / reflection homework assignment
* ActivBoard and chalkboard
* Video
* Pre - Read / Outline Sections 28.4-28.6
* Post - Representative problems from textbook