Unit 10 General Practice Session
UNIT: AP C Magnetic Induction
STANDARDS: click to view
DURATION: As needed period(s)
OBJECTIVES: The student will be able to
* Successfully answer questions and solve problems based on the material covered in this unit
* ActivInspire / PowerPoint presentation with notes and examples
* ActivInspire to document / post problems solved
* One-on-one teacher / student instruction during practice session
* Peer teaching / collaboration during practice session
* Monitor proficiency during practice session
* Assign pre-class problem(s) on next day after practice / reflection homework assignment
* Call on students at random or with emphasis on students who may need assistance
* ActivBoard & chalkboard
* Worksheets with sample AP problems
* PG Website
* Continue with problem set from class
* Related online problems
Use book, board and / or worksheet problems, allowing students to finish for homework if necessary. Pre-class may consist of important, challenging problems.