Self-Inductance (3)
UNIT: AP C Magnetic Induction
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DURATION: 3 period(s)
OBJECTIVES: The student will be able to
* Recognize self-inductance as the emf produced in coils in circuits with varying currents, and distinguish source emf from induced emf
* Derive and apply the expression for the self-­inductance of a long solenoid
* Apply Kirchhoff’s rules to a simple LR series circuit to obtain a differential equation for the current as a function of time, solve the differential for the circuit current as a function of time using separation of variables
* Calculate the initial transient currents and final steady state currents through any part of a simple series and parallel circuit containing an inductor and one or more resistors, and sketch graphs of the current through or voltage across the resistors or inductor in these circuits
* Calculate the rate of change of current in the inductor in these circuits as a function of time
* Calculate the energy stored in an inductor that has a steady current flowing through it
* Board presentation with notes and examples
* Board presentation to document / post problems solved
* Multiple representations (graphical and algebraic)
* Use of easy / medium / difficult questions
* One-on-one teacher / student instruction during practice session
* Peer teaching / collaboration during practice session
* Demonstration(s)
* Class discussion with inquiry method
* Citation of applications meaningful to students
* Monitor proficiency during practice session
* Call on students at random or with emphasis on students who may need assistance
* Assign pre-class problem(s) on next day after practice / reflection homework assignment
* Lab equipment for demonstrations
* ActivBoard and chalkboard
* Representative AP problems
* Pre - Read / Outline Section 32.1 - 32.3
* Post - Representative problems from textbook
This expansive list of objectives is grouped into the same lesson plan due to the desire to adapt the order of covering concepts to the needs of students and the school schedule. Students should read sections 32.1 to 32.3 prior to the start of teaching.